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Olfactory Discovery

Discover our 5 "Chez Soi" Home Fragrances - 5x3.5 ml

A sample box to help you discover our five Chez Soi fragrances. Each fragrance is a moment in time just for you. Each box contains five Chez Soi Fragrances in 3.5 ml bottles

  • Weight (5 x 3.5 ml)
  • 210 gr
  • Box
  • H 70 mm
  • L 35 mm
  • l 150 mm
Use and Care

Do not apply this product to skin. For more information, please refer to the list of ingredients on the packaging

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To complete your olfactory discovery

Olfactory Discovery

Discover our 5 "Sur Soi" body fragrances - 5x3.5 ml

 — 55€

Sur Soi Duo

Create your Duo Box

 — 85€

Compose your set of two fragrances

Please choose two fragrances

J.R. Box

I seem like myself 

  • musky -
  • Woody -
  • cocoon -
  • In stock

O.W. Box

It's always good to have someone waiting for you

  • contemporary woody -
  • Sea spray -
  • In stock

S.C. Box

Something in the air

  • floral green -
  • musky -
  • balm -
  • In stock

S.P. Box

It's senseless to be more sensible than required

  • fougère -
  • fruity amber -
  • sap -
  • In stock

T.J. Box

There is no such thing as good and evil

  • Oriental -
  • oud -
  • fire -
  • In stock

In stock

All 90ml bottles are shipped with a sample of the selected perfume.

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Personality Tests

This test will reveal the three olfactory facets of your soul, by proposing a fragrance corresponding to each facet. Will you choose to wear Absolue - the essence of your soul -, Unexpected - which completes it -, or Defended, which reveals your dark side...…

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