Saint Germain des Prés Boutique

44 rue du Bac 75007 Paris
+33 (0)1 43 25 57 02
[email protected]

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 11 am to 7.30 pm

In June 2019, D’ORSAY opened the doors to its perfume boutique, offering visitors a moment of contemplation focused on scent portraits. These portraits reveal the Sur Soi fragrance that best suits your personality profile and the Chez Soi scent that best expresses the soul of your place.

Two unique machines are hidden within the solid brass columns of the D’ORSAY boutique and they will work out the perfume that best suits you. You will be asked about your dreams and instincts and your answers will reveal your Absolue (Ultimate) Fragrance, which best reflects your soul, your Inattendue (Unexpected) Fragrance, which will surprise you, and your Défendue (Forbidden) Fragrance, which will intrigue you.

The D’ORSAY boutique is a place dedicated to timeless beauty, elegance and creative spirits. And each one of these qualities is embodied in a high-quality natural material: travertine stone with its subtle immortality, brass with its bright exuberance and walnut wood with its delicate grain. Extraordinary materials that radiate along clean and vertical lines to reveal the modern aesthetic signature of all D’ORSAYcreations.

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Personality Tests

This test will reveal the three olfactory facets of your soul, by proposing a fragrance corresponding to each facet. Will you choose to wear Absolue - the essence of your soul -, Unexpected - which completes it -, or Defended, which reveals your dark side...…

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